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About Common Companion Vet Co.

A veterinary clinic with a strong emphasis on customer service and high-quality medicine, a positive experience with their pet’s medical care.

Dr. John from Common Companion Vet Co.

Your #1 Veterinarian in the Atlanta area

Welcome To Common Companion Vet Co.

Common Companion Vet Co. is a high-quality medicine, customer-service-centered veterinary clinic that focuses on escorting the client through a positive experience with their pet’s medical care. Different than the sterile environment at your typical veterinary clinic, Common Companion will create lasting memories of service by providing excellent care in an engaging environment with caring staff and professionals. Common Companion’s core philosophy is treating animals with the very best care to strengthen the bond they have with their owners. Common Companion is located in the heart of Inman Park in Atlanta, Georgia right on the Beltline.