Our Wellness Plans

Pet Wellness Plans

Our Wellness Plans include everything your dog would need in terms of preventative care in a year and lets owners split the cost into affordable monthly payments.

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Wellness Plans

Our Wellness Plans include everything your dog would need in terms of preventative care in a year and lets owners split the cost into affordable monthly payments. This allows owners to provide the best care for their pets at an affordable price.

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Each Plan includes the following:

Annual Examination

  • The physical exam is the foundation of good prevention. In the exam, the veterinarian will examine your pet from “nose to tail.” The exam clues the doctor into any potential health issues that might be going on with your pet. The exam, however, is limited by what the veterinarian can touch, see, and feel.

Blood Screening

  • Blood work allows us to obtain information that cannot be provided on the exam. Our blood panels are just like the ones you receive from your primary physician. It looks at four components: numbers and distribution of red and white blood cells (CBC), organ function (chemistry), urine (urinalysis), and heartworm status. If abnormalities are detected, we can intervene early to provide better health outcomes for your pet.

Diagnostic Imaging

  • X-rays give us a glimpse of what your pet looks like on the inside. It allows us to image the heart, lungs, and internal organs, as well as joints and bones. We can find conditions in your pet before you might notice symptoms at home and intervene sooner, giving us a better health outcome. In older pets, we can also stage your pet’s arthritis and determine a treatment outcome that best fits the type and scale of your pet’s arthritis.


  • At Common Companion, we vaccinate your animal based on the latest medical evidence and vaccination guidelines. We provide only the vaccinations that are appropriate to your pet’s lifestyle. All the vaccines your pet needs in a given year are included in our wellness plans.

Dental Cleaning

  • Studies show that 85% of dogs and cats over the age of four suffer from periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is where plaque and bacteria from around the gum line cause pain and inflammation and weaken the connection between the tooth and the gums. Alongside pain and lost teeth, chronic periodontal disease can lead to kidney, liver, lung, and heart disease. According to the American Animal Hospital Association, dogs and cats should receive annual oral examinations as well as a dental cleaning under full, general anesthesia starting at one year for cats and small-breed dogs and at two years of age for large-breed dogs. At Common Companion, we provide state-of-the-art anesthesia and pre-anesthetic workup, including blood work and possibly x-rays, to make sure your pet is healthy and a good candidate for dental cleaning. While under anesthesia, your pet’s teeth are cleaned, just like in human dentistry, with the latest techniques and products.

Heartworm Prevention

  • Atlanta, Georgia has some of the highest incidences of Heartworms in the entire nation. According to the American Heartworm Association, all pets, regardless of their indoor or outdoor status, should be placed on heartworm prevention year-round. Heartworms can cause sudden death in cats as well as severe heart damage in dogs. It is much easier and less expensive to prevent heartworms than to treat them. In our wellness plans, we provide heartworm prevention for your pet to keep them healthy.